How secure are your saved passwords in firefox?

Many a times we use a built-in feature in software without realizing the consequences of our ignorance. One such useful feature in popular firefox browser is its ability to save passwords. Now if you are a software professional, you would think that these passwords are perhaps stored some place safe and of course, encrypted or so. But it turns out that is not the case. These passwords are stored as clear text in firefox and anyone can view them unless you provide a Master Password. Fortunately, I don’t use ‘saved passwords’ feature of firefox but if I did I would be totally upset by now. Thanks to my fifteen year old cousin, Manish who pointed this fact out to me. There is a good blog entry that tells how to secure your passwords in firefox by setting Master Password. Here it is: Secure your passwords post at Lifehacker.

Hope that helps you secure your passwords in case you did not so far.



2 Responses to “How secure are your saved passwords in firefox?”

  1. Dr. David Davidson Says:

    It’s a good read – thanks 🙂

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